Baacha Khan Trust

Baacha Khan Trust is a non-profit organisation founded in 2004. BKT works in the field of fictional research, Health, Sports & historical cultural music production. We have departments; Bacha Khan Research Center, Monthly Pakhtoon (Magazine), Angaazey Producation, Bacha Khan Trust Health Foundation, Bacha Khan Sports Foundation &

a red kite flying in the sky over a building of Bacha Khan Markaz Peshawar
a red kite flying in the sky over a building of Bacha Khan Markaz Peshawar

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Khudai Khidmatgar Organization

Khudai Khidmatgar Organisation is founded by CEO Baacha Khan Trust for the social welfare.


AMN TV is a web-based broadcasting network, which covers the issue & their solutions.

An initiative by Baacha Khan Trust in education field which runs over 20 schools nationwide.

Bacha Khan Trust Education Foundation

Monthly Pakhtoon

A historical magazine firstly published in 1928 by Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan (Bacha Khan).

Daily Shahbaz

Old newspaper of Pakistan publishing since 1940 to upraise the voice of Pashtuns.

Radio Ghag

Ghag Radio is radio broadcasting station to upraise Pashtun's voice on digital radio level.

Bacha Khan Trust Sports Foundation

This department of Baacha Khan Trust work in sports sector to promote Pashtun youth talent.

Angaazey Production

Angaazey Production works for the organic music & promote upcoming talent.

Bacha Khan Islamic Research Foundation

At Bacha Khan Islamic Research Foundation, A panel of progressive & intellectual religious researchers.


It's all about us

The Baacha Khan Trust was established in 2004 and founded in honor of Bacha Khan strives to promote the progress and well-being of the Pashtun nation. Guided by his principles of education, nonviolence, and democracy, the organization has established schools, research centres, a newspaper, a magazine, healthcare facilities, raised awareness on important issues, and promoted peace and reconciliation in the region through community-led initiatives.

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