Baacha Khan Trust’s chief aim is to work for the socio-economic development, propagation of his philosophy of non-violence, peaceful conflict-resolution and co-existence, promotion of human rights, and his vision of creation dignified living conditions for the oppressed and marginalized communities and groups, particularly in Pakistan, Afghanistan and the whole south Asia.


Our Objectives

• Social, economic, educational, and cultural development of the people of Pakistan and Afghanistan.
• Promotion of peace and human rights.
• Economic and political empowerment of marginalized groups, particularly women
• Environmental protection and preservation.
• Poverty alleviation.
• Increasing awareness of general people to understand their rights and help them in the protection of those rights.
• Development of human and natural resources.

Our Departments & Projects

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Recent Events

Bacha Khan Week 2021 7th Day

On the last day of this week #BachaKhanWeek2021, A grand mushaira held at Swabi, Khyber Pukhtunkhwa at 11:00 AM. In which Pashto’s famous poets participated. The Director of Baacha Khan Trust Aimal Wali Khan also attend the event.

Bacha Khan Week 2021 6th Day

The sixth-day #BachaKhanWeek2021
On this day a seminar with the name of “قامي تحريک کښې د ښځو کردار” will be held. The president of this seminar will be Professor Dr. Salma Shaheen & the lecturers will be Dr. Waqar Ali Shah, Dr. Noor Jehan, Professor Dr. Samina Afridi.
This seminar will be moderated by Haseena Gul.
Later on this day at 3:00 PM, a program of Malgari Likwalan, A Mushaira, and Musical program will be held.

Bacha Khan Week 2021 5th Day

The fifth day of #BachaKhanWeek2021
On the fifth day of this week, A seminar with the name of “د پښتونخوا قدرتي وسيلې” will be held, In which Saleem Khan Advocate,
Akbar Hoti
, Molana Khan Zeb / Adil Khattak / Luqman Afridi / Akhtar Ali Shah.
Later on this at 3:00 PM a program of Malgari Doctoran will be held at Baacha Khan Markaz, Peshawar.

Bacha Khan Week 2021 3rd Day

On the third day of #BachaKhanWeek2021, there will be a seminar on “تعلیم اور آزاد سکولونہ”, In which the following intellectuals will give brief lectures:
Dr. Sohail khan
Dr. Asfandyar Durrani
Sheikh Shaukat Hayat
Dr. Jamil Chitral
This event will be moderated by Khadim Hussain
Later on this day there will a program of Malgari Ustazan at 03:00 PM

Bacha Khan Week 2021 2nd Day

2nd Day Of #BachaKhanWeek2021
On the second day of Bacha Khan Week 2021, there is a seminar on “انجمن اصلاح الافاغنہ او باچا خان”, In which Dr. Fazal Rahim Marwat, Ijaz Yousafzai, and Khadim Hussain gave brief lectures. This event was moderated by Prof. Dr. M. Zubair Hasrat.
On this day after the seminar, there was Pukhtoon Students Federation’s seminar and musical night at Bacha Khan Markaz Peshawar.

Bacha Khan Week 2021 Opening

First Day #BachaKhanWeek2021
The Opening Ceremony Of #BachaKhanWeek2021 held by
Aimal Wali Khan
On the first day, there are the following events
1) National Anthem (Ay Zama Watana)
2) Gaurd Of Honor by Khudai Khidmatgar Salaran
3) Opening Of Book Stalls
4) Opening Of Traditional Food Stalls
5) Opening Of Charsadda Khamta Stall
6) Opening Of Charsadda Chappal Stall
7) Presentation Of Documentary On Anjum Islah Ul Afaghina
8) Books Opening Ceremony
9) Speeches by: Dr. Fazal Rahim Marwat (Director Baacha Khan Trust Research Center) & Aimal Wali Khan (Director Baacha Khan Trust).

Director Baacha Khan Trust Visited Baacha Khan School Swat

On 25th December 2020, Director Baacha Khan Trust Aimal Wali Khan visited Baacha Khan School Swat among with Managing Director Dr. Sohail Khan, Awami National Party District Swat President Ayub Khan Ashari, General Secretary Shahi Dauran Khan, Central Deputy General Secretary Dr. Saleem Khan, Provincial Additional General Secretary Rahmat Ali Khan and other party elders.

Da Dr. Ziyar Ziyaroona, Yadoona aw Perzawaney

Dr Khaliq Ziar, The man who served Nation with Pen Eminent Pashto Poet Dr...

News & Updates

Gulzar Alam appointed as Director Bacha Khan Trust Production House

Famous Pashto singer Gulzar Alam appointed as Director of Bacha Khan Trust Production House. CEO Baacha Khan Trust Aimal Wali Khan approved his appointment. Bacha Khan Trust Production House will help new singers in learning music and improving their musical skills....

Upcoming Events

Baacha Khan Week 2022

Day#1 Opening of Baacha Khan Week 2022 Venue: Bacha Kha Markaz, Peshawar at...